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alucardy2000 sent:

Your muse finds mine asleep at their desk. How does your muse wake mine? The really small female robot (compared to the average Cybertronians) looked puzzled at the sleeping mech. But pulling her racket from the support on the back, she decided to launch one or two table tennis balls toward him -Rise and shine, whoever you are!-

*The table tennis balls hit Knock Out on the helm but he didn’t seem to feel it enough to wake him up. The voice, however, he heard. Sleepily, he refocused his optics until he could see the smaller robot. He furrowed his opticbrows.*

KO: Who are you and how did you even get in here?!”

Your muse finds mine asleep at their desk. How does your muse wake mine?

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babyravage sent:

"Scuse me mistah...who Stawbwast? They gots pwetty wings like mistah Stawscweam?" Ravage asked curiously, wondering if there was another little Con toddling around like him!



KO: Starblast is my and Star’s sparkling. And why yes, he has pretty wings like his carrier. Tiny adorable wings.

Do you want to play with Starblast, Ravage? I’ll let you if you promise to be nice to him. He needs more playmates.

Squeaking happily as he was comfortably scooped up and placed into the medic’s warm lap, Ravage slumped out, a puddle of happily purring bitlet as his helm was pet and stroked, dissolving him into blissblissblisslovepetlovepets. Either be it a sparkling thing, a deployer thing, or just a Ravage thing, he was a tactile little bundle.

Ears perked up as Starscream re-entered the room, curious optics taking in the new sparkling, tail wagging at the little wingnubs visible to him, pretty wings, pretty wings!!! It was no fair! He wanted to be a seeker so he could have pretty wings too!

That little tail started wagging in greeting as Starblast chirped to him, the kitten not understanding exactly….but chittering back, a happy mewl offering a greeting to the potential new friend. He perked up as servos reached out to him, ooohhh definitely new friend!! And cuddles!!! The pets from Knockout were nice and purr-worthy, but snuggles beat anything on the table. He put his own paws out to the seekerlet, squeaking and wagging his tail, bio-lights lighting up in anticipation. Snuggles, snuggles, snuggles!!!

*Starblast looks uncertainly towards his creators when his chirprs are not answered in a manner he expected. But when Starscream nodded and chirped reassuringly to his creation, Starblast smiled and turned back to Ravage. Letting out a small happy giigle at the other sparkling’s meowing, he decided he liked the sound Ravage made.

Seeing his creation’s interest in the other sparkling, Starscream sat next to Knock Out and positioned Starsblast to sit in his lap, allowing the little seekerlet to finally pull Ravage into a tight hug.*

"Aww, look Star, he likes his new friend!"

Starblast’s Development

✓ Chirping - 1 month

 Growth of inner set of wings - 2-3 months (needed surgery

✓ Sitting without support - during the first month

✓ Rolling over - during the first month

✓ Playing with toys - 1-2 months

✓ Crawling - 1 months

Standing up - (should happen soon)

Walking (with help)

Walking by himself

Speaking Common Cybertronian (up to several words)



Anonymous sent:

Knockout, what are stages of development for sparklings? Like, when are they supposed to walk, talk, fly, etc.

KO: I’ll use Earth’s units of time for your conveniece. Cybertronian sparklings are created capable of doing things human babies learn to perform during their first 1-3 months. Such as: tracing objects with their optics, smiling, laughing, gripping things in their servos.

Some things are specific for seekerlets:

Different frame models develop slightly differently but this is more or less when sparklings develop certain skills:

Anonymous sent:

(boat-sword anon) You just pick up a decent sized boat - preferably an oil tanker, but an aircraft carrier will do - and beat the slag out of your enemies with it.

KO: Wouldn’t the boat be used as a club rather than a sword in that case? 

Oh, and I decided which emotion would dominate me if I see a robot who can easily use an aircraft carrier as a weapon.

(Off to berth now)

#berth time
/Berth Time

KO: *sigh* Gotta recharge to wake up early for work tomorrow

Anonymous sent:

How do you feel about non-Cybertronian robots big enough to use a boat as a sword?

KO: Cautious and curious. I’m not sure which one would win.

Also, I’m curious how it is possible to use a boat as a sword.. ?

Anonymous sent:

hello knock out and starscream my name is mew.exe i have a question if i was a transoformers will you like me plz

KO: It takes more than being a fellow Cybertronian for us to like someone.



I should’ve added this to my blushformers collection right after I made this gif set

Anonymous sent:

Comfort meme: offer warm energon and hugs, teasing all the while. Try to make that nightmare funny instead of scary.

KO: We’d rather forget nightmares but that works too I guess.


KO: We just returned from our one week holiday at Oil Sea. Granted the oil is next to useless for our frames but its transperancy makes it perfect for swimning and such. Sparklings love it and so did Starblast.

#berth time
/Berth TIme

KO: Alrgiht, found the chains!

Sweet recharge, followers~ 

KO: Well now I’m in a certain mood. Good thing Starblast is staying at his playmate’s creator’s house tonight.